One Step Forward

Today I submitted my first short story to a paying magazine.

It is one step.

In a world that has torn me down for being a woman but not feminine enough. For being autistic, but not autistic enough. For being, but for not being enough, this one step is the biggest towards my goal of being a paid author.

Writing is not easy, but it is fun. The process is comfortable. I can perform it in social isolation with minimal contact with humanity. Navigating the publishing world leaves me having panic attacks.

It is our fear that often stops us.

I finally realized that I would rather fail than to have lived never having tried.

I have read repeatedly to celebrate your rejections as they will bring you one step closer to an acceptance. I plan to take the advice. 

I have learned in life that it does not matter if others think you are enough. It only matters that you dare to keep going.

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