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Cover Release and Preorders Open

I have exciting news! My debut novel In-Between is available for preorder on Amazon Kindle. The book releases on May 31, 2022. The paperback book will be available to order on that day as well. Amazon does not allow preorders on paperback books.

In-Between cover. Background is illustrated leaves. Foreground is an elegant sun

I am very excited about this cover. The cover was designed by a 17 year old artist. They are autistic and non-binary. They are also my kid. It was such a great experience to work on this project with them. I am also exceptionally happy with how the cover has developed. You can find them on Instagram at @purpawart and on YouTube

About In-Between

Sometimes life doesn’t turn out how you thought, but you can still find your place.

Alicia is a single mother to her eight-year-old son, Kenny. Being a single mother is hard enough, but her son’s principal seems convinced that she is unfit because she is on the autism spectrum.

The school keeps accusing her son of the weirdest things, such as making the school garden grow and disappearing in the middle of class. Uncertain if the school is being delusional or if more is going on, Alicia decides to track down her son’s father.

Except that she only saw him one night, a night she has tried hard to forget. Now Alicia has a man following her and claiming that her son is the heir to the elvish thrown. All Alicia wants to do is keep her son safe, but to do that, she has to give up everything she has ever known and go to a place that follows its own set of rules.

In-Between is full of magic, motherly love, and found family. It has a positive own-voice autism rep, Aromantic/Asexual rep, and a M/M romance.

Preorder In-Between on Amazon

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