Project Update

My upcoming first novel, In-Between, is back from the editor. I have never been so happy to see so many comment boxes on a document. Honestly, I expected to be a bit heartbroken when I first read through the comments. Instead, I was energized. There is work to be done, but it was also validating … Continue reading Project Update

Publishing Independent

There are many components to writing a book. A debut novel is a time to learn about all the nuances. As I near the end of this draft, my thoughts have been turning to the next steps. I have been researching agents, submitting directly to publishers, and independent publishing. I have decided to publish my … Continue reading Publishing Independent

Yet Another Edit

Three months ago, I was preparing my novel to present to an agent. Now I am working on yet another revision. As I worked on my synopses, cover letter, and outline, I realized that my novel was not yet ready. It was a difficult realization to make. I tried to talk myself out of it. … Continue reading Yet Another Edit

Call Me They

I was raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, in the 1980s – Pre Olympics. As a child, diversity was divided into the children who were Mormon and the children who were not. My family is Mormon. This post is not a dialogue on the LDS faith. I do not have those kinds of answers. All … Continue reading Call Me They

One Step Forward

Today I submitted my first short story to a paying magazine. It is one step. In a world that has torn me down for being a woman but not feminine enough. For being autistic, but not autistic enough. For being, but for not being enough, this one step is the biggest towards my goal of … Continue reading One Step Forward

I Am A Writer

I am a writer. In third grade, I wrote my first story about a tree that grew frogs. In Elementry school, I carried a book and a journal at all times. I played with words more than toys and obsessively recited my newest pieces.  In Junior High, I had bylines in my school paper and … Continue reading I Am A Writer