Heartstopper Bookmark – Nurodiversity OCD Eating Disorder Rep


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The bookmark is 6 in x 2 in double-sided and professionally printed on 14 pt card stock.

The background is a note paper with blue lines. The front side says It’s ok to not be ok. The back side has a notebook page torn out. The quote on the back is from Heartstopper. It is the note that Nick wrote to his parents to tell him that he needed help.

“My mental health has been really bad lately. I’ve been finding eating really difficult. I feel like there’s a voice in my head that is not me, telling me bad things will happen if I eat or if I do things the wrong way, and that voice has been getting louder and louder. Sometimes it makes me really stressed or tired or angry. And I think I’ve been like this for quite a long time but I just didn’t want to admit it. I want to figure out how to manage it, so I was thinking I could go to the doctors. I want to get better.”


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