MJ James

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Releases 5.31.22

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MJ wrote their first book when they were in third grade. It was about a frog that lived on a tree. In sixth grade they proudly proclaimed that they were a writer.

When MJ became a parent to three children with various mental health and developmental different abilities, they paused their writing goals and focused on their family. They obtained a BA in Psychology and an MS in Developmental Psychology. While their time was focused on advocating for their children, they never stopped writing.

At the age of 24 MJ was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome (now Autism Spectrum Disorder) at 40 they found the language to explain their gender identity to the world. Now they write stories that they hope others neurodivergent individuals can identify with. They are currently working on a fantasy book with a main character who is a single mother who is on the autism spectrum.

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